One Old Man Can't Be All That Bad - Ed O'Neal's Book is HERE!!!

The new book written by Mr. Ed O'Neal is hear and available on our store page.  Not a more kind or genuine man in the music business sharing details of his life. This is a must read for all Southern Gospel Music Fans.  No one can tell a story quite like Ed O'Neal and he has lots of them to share.  

Ed O’Neal has owned, managed, and sung bass for the legendary Dixie Melody Boys for more than 55 years. Many of Southern Gospel’s best recognized singers of today developed their craft as members of the Dixie Melody Boys under Ed O’Neal’s tutelage. Now at the age of 84 years, Ed O’Neal tells the story of his life in his own words. Discover where he grew up, attended school, and met his wife of 60 years. Read all about the trendsetting DMB Band, his various business ventures, and the cast of characters who passed through the group to become alumni of Ed O’Neal University. Finally, enjoy more than 50 pages of Ed’s famous stories. 

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