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It's here! The much anticipated release from Ed O'Neal and The Dixie Melody Boys "Revived" is now available. Visit our store today to order your copy.

New Album From The Dixie Melody Boys 

It's almost here!  The brand new album from the Dixie Melody Boys, "Revived,"  will soon be available here in our Online Store and at DMB concerts.  This latest entry into the Dixie Melody Boys' catalogue is without question one of the greatest ever.  It features ten songs hand selected by Ed O' Neal, himself, and is sure to be a favorite of quartet fans everywhere.  

DMB alumnus McCray Dove said, "You know even us artists lean on the songs we sing and even the songs our fellow artists sing. I've been listening to a song that my buddy Ed O' Neal and his Dixie Melody Boys have just recorded. You see when you have studied at EOU, you get to hear songs before the CD is out. Oh, and by the way, this is gonna be the best Dixie Melody Boys CD I've heard in a long time. All of you true Quartet lovers will want to get this one when it comes out! But the song, The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow, has been a song I've been listening and leaning on for the last few days."

Keep checking back for updates and availability of "Revived" from Ed O' Neal and the Dixie Melody Boys.
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